Monday, December 5, 2016

Ways to pick which branches to trim when tree cutting on your own

Once in a while, we might have visited a botanical garden or flower festival. We might have come across trees and shrubbery shaped a certain way into interesting shapes. Tree trimming is done for aesthetic as well as safety and maintenance purposes. A lot of people trim trees professionally.

You could trim your tree yourself, but you should know what to do. Firstly, you should usually trim trees in  autumn after they have shed all their leaves. You will have noticed that tree trimming in Northern Suburbs is fairly common in Autumn. This reduces the amount of stress on the tree. Moreover, it also greatly reduces its susceptibility to any fungal infection and water rotting.

tree trimming in Northern Suburbs
Furthermore, you must know what parts of the tree to trim. Take a look at your tree and categorise your branches. You need to remove any branches causing obstruction. These will be branches near power lines and the roof. Additionally, remove any branches growing around the middle of the trunk. Because these will be causing a congestion within the tree’s vascular system. The next kind of branches you should trim are the ones that make the tree appear unhealthy. Additionally, unhealthy branches can increase the tree’s susceptibility to disease. In addition to this unhealthy branches may fall on a passerby at any time. So they are a potential safety hazard as well.

Lastly, are the branches that affect the aesthetics of a tree. These branches are the ones that grow in all the wrong directions. This haphazard growth makes the tree look rather scary and barren. Moreover, you must always remember that autumn trees have their own beauty, charm and grace. Though sometimes we might find it hard to appreciate a tree without lush green leaves. But an autumn tree is a beautiful site if trimmed correctly.