Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Tree lopping in West Sydney is a serious business, we advise against trying to DIY a tree lopping project. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, because you will not necessarily know which is the best season for lopping your tree. A tree must be lopped usually in the autumn season when it sheds all its leaves. The thing is that tree lopping should be done using clean and properly functioning equipment. We suggest you avoid trying to lop your trees yourself with blunt blades. The reason is that a clean cut will reduce the exposed surface area for fungal infection and water rotting.
However, if you try lopping your tree with blunt equipment you produce a tree stump with a jagged surface.  This increased surface area increases chances of water rotting and fungal infections. There are many companies providing services for tree lopping in West Sydney. If you would like to keep your tree healthy we suggest you hire a professional for tree lopping. The professional will come equipped with all the right skills and required equipment for tree lopping.

Plus, they will also be able to perform a tree lopping safely. Safety is paramount and people often tend to ignore necessary safety measures because they feel that tree lopping is not something difficult. If decide to perform a tree lopping in West Sydney, we suggest you clear the area first make sure no one other than the arborist, are within twenty feet of the tree.

Many professionals, who practice tree lopping in West Sydney, also have drone camera that allows you to get an overall picture of the tree or basically a bird’s eye view. This is essential in order to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the tree. If you require any tree lopping in West Sydney we suggest you hire the experts.