Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tips to Keep Your Washing Machine and Fridge in Full Working Condition

The two most used appliances in the whole house are the washing machine and fridge. These are the ones that break down the most as well. When we talk about fridge and washing machine repair in London it can be quite costly but it is also necessary. So how do we get our repairs done and save money, at the same time? There are a few repair or troubleshooting tips you can keep in mind before calling the repair man.
Washing machine repair in London

Washing Machine

•    Washer doesn’t work
It is common sense but if your washer does not work check the plug. Make sure the plug is properly plugged or if it is loose or not. If that doesn’t do anything then maybe the socket that is supplying the current may be faulty. Try plugging it into another socket or try plugging another appliance in the socket that you think is faulty, if the second appliance works, then it is the washer that is broken.
In case the second appliance also doesn’t work and the socket is actually defective. Check your electrical panel to see if the circuit has been flipped. If all the breakers are on and the socket is still out of order, then you need an electrician rather than a washing machine repair man.

    Washer won’t fill or drain
You know when you are in the garden and the watering hose has something stuck in it, then the water can’t get through? Similarly, if your machine is working but not filling up, check the inlet pipe for anything that might be stuck in it. Same goes for drainage, check the drain pipe afterward for any obstructions.

•    Washer makes a lot of noise
A machine making rattle noises can mean the balance is off. Check to see if the whole thing is level and if needed, place a piece of wood under one of its legs. It could also mean that the load of clothes you put in is too heavy for the washer. Try cutting your load in half and then try running the machine, if it is still noisy, then call a repair man.  

    Regulator not running and internal light is off
If the fridge does not appear to be working, a common troubleshoot for this would be to check the tripped circuit breaker or see if a fuse is blown. If both the things are okay then check the power cable and get it replace if it is damaged.

•    Constantly switches on and off
If your fridge is constantly switching on and off, it could cause problems with temperature control. This, in turn, will cause the food to spoil. So the first thing you need to do is to check the cleaning coils for dust and vacuum them with a regular vacuum. If that does not work, call a professional to do this job for you.

•    Malfunction and clicks are heard
Clicking could indicate a variety of issues. Usually, the problem is with the compressor unit. Inspect the fan and thermostat system, if they appear faulty then get them replaced with new. Inspect the exact place where the clicking sound is coming from before calling fridge repair in London.

•    Rapid frost forming or the fridge does not defrost
Rapid frost forming comes from the fridge door not being properly closed. Make sure the door is shut tight otherwise check the hinges if the door does not properly close. Also, inspect the gasket because a door with a leak in its seal can lead to temperature imbalance and would need to be closed. 

Even after all these troubleshooting tips, you cannot fix your appliance and you have to call a professional, then it will do you better to get to know your machine. This will save a lot of time and money if you know where the damage has been done.